Our Steam Locomotives

No 1 “Wroxham Broad”

2-6-4 Tank Locomotive, painted Caledonian light blue. Originally built by Guest Engineering as a steam-outline internal combustion 2-6-2 Tank Locomotive in 1964 and called “Tracy-Jo”. Rebuilt in 1992 as a steam locomotive.

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No 6 “Blickling Hall”

2-6-2 ZB Class Tender Locomotive, painted in Great Eastern Railway Blue. Built by Winson Engineering and delivered at Easter 1994. Named Blickling Hall after the Jacobean mansion just outside Aylsham, owned by the National Trust.


No 7 “Spitfire”

2-6-2 ZB Class Tender Locomotive, painted British Rail 1951 Green. Built by Winson Engineering and delivered in May 1994. Named on 20th June 1997 by Wing Commander Wyn Evans and Group Captain Barry Titchen, Station Commanders of RAF Coltishall and RAF Neatishead.

The locomotive is currently undergoing a heavy overhaul and will return to service in 2022.

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No 8 “John of Gaunt”

2-6-2 ZB Class Tank Locomotive, painted LNWR Blackbery Black. Assembled in the BVR workshop in 1996/7 from components made by Winson Engineering. Originally oil fired, she was rather noisy and acquired the name Thunder, but no nameplates were ever carried. The locomotive was subsequently converted to coal firing in 2008. In 2014 the locomotive was named “John O’ Gaunt” Lord of the Manor of Aylsham in the 14th Century. The name was also carried by a Britannia Class pacific which was based at Norwich shed. The naming ceremony was carried out by pupils of John of Gaunt School in Aylsham.

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No 9 “Mark Timothy”

2-6-4 ZB Tank locomotive, painted Madder Lake. Originally built as a County Donegal outline by Winson Engineering in 1999. She was unable to operate in this form and was sent to Alan Keef Limited and rebuilt with a Leek and Manifold outline and returned to the railway in 2003. She has been very successful in this form.

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