Buffer Stop Books

at Wroxham Station

Buffer Stop Books


Wroxham Station is home to Buffer Stop Books which has over 5,000 pre-owned books for sale and a wide selection of records, CDs and DVDs.

Drop in for a browse through some of the many books we have to offer.

Joined the vinyl record resurgence? See our collection of pre-owned records in different genres.

The shop is run entirely by enthusiastic volunteers of the Friends of the Bure Valley Railway.

All the sale proceeds go to fund projects to enhance the railway’s operation and visitors’ experience.

Call Bufferstop Books during opening hours: 01603 510162
Email bufferstopbooks@outlook.com

For current opening times, see our website below:

website : www.bufferstopbooks.org.uk
Facebook : Bufferstop Books Wroxham
email: bufferstopbooks@outlook.com


Donations of items for sale may be accepted at Bufferstop books. Please, no bric a brac, or any video tapes. Just books, jigsaws, railway magazines, cds, dvds. Preferred days for bringing in donations are Wednesday and Friday.

Please bring to Wroxham - there is currently no facility to receive or store them at Aylsham.

All donations go to help support the railway!