Buffer Stop Books and Track Side Treasures

at Wroxham and Aylsham Station

Buffer Stop Books


Wroxham Station is home to Buffer Stop Books which has over 5,000 pre-owned books for sale and a wide selection of records, CDs and DVDs.

Drop in for a coffee and browse through some of the many books we have to offer.

Joined the vinyl record resurgence? See our collection of pre-owned records in different genres.

The shop is run entirely by enthusiastic volunteers of the Friends of the Bure Valley Railway.

All the sale proceeds go to fund projects to enhance the railway’s operation and visitors’ experience.

Call Bufferstop Books during opening hours: 01603 510162
Email bufferstopbooks@bvrw.co.uk

Buffer Stop Books Current Opening Times

To 30th October 2019 open daily 10am – 4.45pm
Winter opening 2019 / 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday
10am – 3.30pm
Open extra hours for Santa Specials
1st March -1st November 2020
10am – 4.45pm

Bufferstop Books will close for one day on Monday 4th November

Trackside Treasures


At Aylsham there is a shop run by volunteers of the Friends of the Bure Valley selling a wide array of pre-owned items from railway memorabilia to children’s toys.

Call the Aylsham Friends of the Bure Valley Railway Hut during opening hours: 01263 802432

Trackside Treasures Current Opening Times

Green Service 9.30am – 3.45pm
Red Service 9.30am – 4.30pm
Yellow Service 9.30am – 4.45pm
Blue Service 10.00am – 2.30.pm
Open extra hours for Santa Specials
Winter Opening 2019 / 2020
Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday
10am – 2.30pm
Visit our Shop and Stand in the foyer at Bure Valley Railway Station on 5th October on day of Aylsham Model Railway Exhibition


Books, Jigsaws, Good Bric-a-Brac, Games, DVDs, CDs, LPs, Die Cast Models, Knitting and Dress Patterns, Railway Memorabilia, Postcards, Anything to do with Model Railways and Thomas the Tank Engine items.

All donations go to help support the railway!