Wroxham Station Opening

On Saturday 16th April 2016, the new Station layout at Wroxham was formally opened. The opening ceremony was performed by David Hastings, a long standing supporter of the railway and leader of Broadland District Council at the time the railway was built. He was assisted by Ken Girvan - Chairman of the Friends of The Bure Valley Railway.

The rebuilding of the station has taken 6 months to complete and was undertaken by a combination of a contractor, working alongside volunteers.

For many years the constraint on the frequency of trains on the railway has been the inability to pass two trains at Wroxham. The opening of the new platform will potentially allow the service frequency on the railway to be doubled.

The picture shows three locomotives lined up in Wroxham Station.

The new platform will be used by the public during our Everything Goes event on the last weekend of May 2016.